Relax Into The New Year With These Six Activities

News| 5th January 2022
Relax Into The New Year With These Six Activities
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Kick off the new year in a state bliss with a little ‘me time’. Unwind after what is often a hectic holiday season with activities that will calm the mind, relax your body and indulge the senses.

**Take yourself out for lunch
**You don’t need company to appreciate a delicious meal. Take an afternoon for yourself by enjoying a lunch solo, with the help of a good book or magazine from QBD Books. There are great restaurants and cafes to explore, including Crema Espresso and Café Bella.

**Enjoy a soothing treatment
**Massages are an incredibly effective method of relaxation. They also come with a number of valuable health, such as reducing stress and muscle tension while improving circulation, energy levels and your immune function. Massage Indulgence has a team of qualified masseuses than can take you from stressed to blessed in as little as 30 mins minutes.

**Go on a waterside adventure with a friend
**Find your swimwear essentials from Surf Dive n Ski and pick out a beach, river or waterhole to explore. Without the distraction of technology, the sounds of crashing waves and bubbling streams can provide a relaxing soundtrack to meaningful conversations.

**Set a goal that focuses on relaxation
**A start of a new year doesn’t mean you have to set difficult or unachievable goals. This year, try starting new hobbies that are sure to have you feeling more relaxed. It could be a list of books that you’re hoping to work through, encouraging quiet moments alone reading with multiple genres available from Target. Alternatively, you could also try a relaxing new activity such as yoga or meditation each morning, to have you starting your day in the right mindset.

**Bond over a light-hearted activity
**There are plenty of games waiting to be played at EB Games like the Nintendo Switch – time to lock in your game night!

**Discover an out-of-town location
**Hit the road and explore somewhere new. Say hello to some friendly animals at a country estate, explore a picturesque garden or pick delicious berries at a regional farm. Do your research on the best location ahead of time to make the day as carefree as possible. Make sure to pack all the essentials, like a hat, sunscreen and snacks from Woolworths.

How do you rest and unwind ahead of a busy year? Let us know by tagging us on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #ShineBrightIn2022.

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