How To Master Your Family Morning Routine

News| 17th August 2021
How To Master Your Family Morning Routine
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If you have good intentions but never seem to make it out the door on time, you’re not alone. Morning madness can be a common occurrence in a house with kids!

With sleepy heads to wake up, tangled hair to brush, multiple bags to pack and little shoes to put on, all while also getting yourself ready, it can be easy for something to throw a spanner in your morning routine.

Fortunately, there are many ways to speed things up while making your morning routine heaps of fun for the whole family. Say goodbye to frazzled mornings with these five simple tips to ensure you’re all out the door in good spirits with plenty of time to spare!

Do the grunt work the night before

Avoid last-minute item searches and outfit changes by prepping as many things as possible the night before as part of your bedtime routine. Involve the kids in pre-packing lunches, filling their bags with all the essentials and choosing the next day’s outfits together. Kids not enthusiastic about their attire? Get them involved by shopping together for one or two new items picked out by them (with some parental guidance, of course!).

Create a toe-tapping getting-ready playlist

Let go of morning stress and dance it out instead! To help get the whole family motivated in the morning (even those who love to snooze the alarm), put together a playlist of your favourite songs to help you complete your morning routine. Make your first song one that will encourage everyone to get up and boogie, and ensure the playlist is roughly as long as your routine should be. 

After a while, your kids will learn which songs mean they should be getting dressed, eating brekkie, and heading out the door. To amp up your dance party, it helps to have a quality speaker somewhere central in the house.

Choose brekkies to get excited about

Before you do your weekly grocery shop, sit down with your kids and brainstorm some fun breakfast ideas together. Remember – you’re trying to speed up your morning routine, so don’t forget to keep things simple. Think of fun, basic creations like smiley face pancakes or teddy bear toast (with peanut butter fur, banana slice ears and nose, and berry eyes).

Give important stuff special zones

Often, important items the kids bring home tend to turn up in unexpected places or disappear entirely! Hunting around for these in the morning can quickly eat into important getting-ready minutes. Make your morning as seamless as possible by giving important objects special zones. Install a coat hook by the front door for them to hang their jackets and packed bags on, and pop their pre-planned shoes underneath. You can also keep a tub or basket on the table for schoolbooks and essentials, or a magnet on the fridge for slips and notices.

Pack a clever car kit

When you’re a parent, it’s easy to lose track of time in between getting yourself and the kids ready in the morning! Just in case this happens, an emergency car kit can help the kids finish getting ready on the move. Achieve the final finishing touches with the help of hairbrushes, floss, tissues, sunscreen, hair ties and bottled water.

Got your own secret to mastering the morning routine? Share your tips with us online by following us on Facebook and Instagram. We’d love to know what gets your family out the door faster!

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