Five Ways To Fill Your Weekend With Family Fun

News| 17th August 2021
Five Ways To Fill Your Weekend With Family Fun
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While it may sound simple, it can be tricky to find a new family-friendly activity that everyone will enjoy every weekend. After all, there are 52 weekends a year…

To help, we’ve created a handy list of fresh things to do. From hands-on creative sessions and screen-free days outdoors, these ideas will guarantee you countless hours of family fun.

Plan a family talent show

You may think you know your loved ones inside out, but who knows what tricks and talents your family members are hiding. What better way to uncover them than with a talent show? From elaborate card tricks and solo music recitals, interpretive dance numbers and funny celebrity impressions, there’s no end to the talents waiting to be discovered.

First, set the scene by choosing your ‘theatre’ room. This could be your lounge or even an outdoor deck. Next, stock up on everything you need to bring the talent show to life, like show-stopping props, costumes and decorations to add a dramatic touch to your performances.

Get creative with an at-home art session

You don’t need to be an amazing artist to bring a crafternoon to life at home. Pick up some paint supplies and try your hand at making modern masterpieces of your pets or family members. You never know, you might discover a mini Monet or Kahlo in the making.

If you’re feeling resourceful, you can even create ‘eco animals’ out of masking tape and recyclable items, including toilet roll legs, milk carton heads, cereal box bodies and container lid eyes. Or raid the pantry to create macaroni portraits of each other with raw pasta and glue. Whatever you choose to create, don’t forget to exhibit your masterpieces afterwards in pride of place at home.

Organise an action-packed games day at the park

Get your game face on with some high-adrenaline fun! A day at the park is a great way to get off screens and enjoy a healthy dose of fresh air. Make the most of wide-open spaces and bring an assortment of games and equipment to keep the family active and entertained for hours.

Bring along a ball or two, set up a time trial around the playground, or create an old-fashioned lawn games round robin for the family to work through together. Make your own score board to encourage a little healthy competition, or even challenge each other to come with your own park game.

Unearth the green thumbs in your family

There’s no better way to grow your family’s knowledge of Mother Nature than working on your very own garden. Simply pick a free patch (or a designated spot inside where you can place a pot), research and vote on what you’d like to plant.

Not only is it a good excuse to get outside, but it’s a great opportunity for your little ones to learn about the wonders of the natural world, as well as the responsibility of caring for something, like their very own plants. Low-maintenance plants like peas, carrots and sunflowers are a great place to start.

Create thoughtful DIY recipe jars

A sweet end to your weekend is a hands-on kitchen workshop. In the spirit of giving, everyone chooses a delicious baking recipe – like chocolate cookies, rich brownies, fluffy vanilla cupcakes – and then creates their own ‘DIY recipe jar’ to give to someone special.

Simply shop for some big mason jars and ingredients, layer your dry items at the bottom one spoonful at a time, followed by things like chocolate chips, dried fruit and nuts. Then, get a little creative with your packaging. You can use crafts like ribbons, labels and gift cards to each give your jar a personal touch. These DIY recipe jars make the perfect gift for a family member or friend.

Be sure to snap and share a picture of your family on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #WeAreFamily. We’d love to see all the fun you get up to.

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