Five Sun-Soaked Games To Play With Your Loved Ones This Summer

News| 19th December 2021
Five Sun-Soaked Games To Play With Your Loved Ones This Summer
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Warm weather, white sand and freshly mowed lawns call for long afternoons of games and activities. Here are five ways to make the most of the summer.

Transform your yard into a water wonderland
Throwback to the glowing memories of your own childhood by hosting water fun in your own backyard. Nothing says summer fun quite like your very own waterslide! Pick up a tarp from Big W and lay it out on a patch of grass, ensuring there are no rocks underneath. Place a hose at the top end and get the water flowing, using two cups of dishwashing liquid to make it nice and slippery. All that’s left to do is to take a quick run up and slide on down!

No water wonderland is complete without a backyard water battle. Add even more fun to your day with water blasters or water balloons from Dollars & Sense. You can turn your slide into a run the gauntlet-style game, with whoever’s slipping down trying to dodge the spray from the water blasters.

Bring loved ones together with these summer sports

Enjoy a post-barbecue afternoon of summer sport – like the Aussie favourite, cricket! Pick up a new bat, ball and wickets from Target and host your own backyard test match.

Another sport that’ll test your teamwork is ultimate frisbee – a high energy non-contact sport you can play in two teams of up to seven people. Simply grab a frisbee from Surf Dive n Ski and mark up your field on the beach or at the park – the aim of the game is to have a teammate catch the frisbee in the opposite end zone.

If you’re spending the day at the beach, level up your afternoon of sport with a volleyball tournament. Find a beach volleyball set from Big W, set up the net and draw your court into the sand. From here, it’s game on!

Put your taste buds to the test with a blindfold challenge
Grab your chef’s hat – it’s time to put that palate to the test. Host your own blindfold taste test and challenge people to guess a wide range of ingredients.

Here’s what’s on our taste test menu: a few sweet treats from Coles, a handful of savoury bites from Bakers Delight, an assortment of fruit from Broadwater Market and some smoothies from Boost Juice to make things extra tricky.

You can give everyone the same selection of ingredients and make it a race to get the answer right first. The trick is to cut all of the ingredients into similarly sized pieces, so their natural shape doesn’t give away what they are too easily.

Set up your own games circuit
Create your very own games circuit at home or at the park. One station could feature giant Jenga from Smokemart & Gifts, while another could have DIY lawn twister (using circular stencils and spray paint from Target.

End the day with some star spotting
With bright sunny days come warm and clear nights full of dazzling constellations, ideal for an evening of star gazing. Create an after-dark adventure with friends and family, nestled cosily under the tapestry of shining stars complete with blankets, throws and pillows from Abode Junction to make things extra comfy.

Settle in after dinner with an array of snacks and start your search for the various starry patterns in the sky.

To ensure you know what you’re searching for, pick up a guide to star gazing from your QBD Books or head online to do some research ahead of time. Can you spot the Milky Way? Will you be the first in your group to see a shooting star? Record the sparkly details you spot in a book so you can try and find new ones during your next star gazing session.

Don’t forget to show us what kind of summer fun you get up to these holidays by tagging us on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #WhereThereIsLight.

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