OPSM Eye Check App

31 May 2019

As part of OPSM's commitment to improving the eye health of all Australians, they have developed a free app to help you get a better understanding of your vision. The OPSM Eye Check App is a fast and simple way to check your vision and help you determine whether you should get your eyes tested, taking just two-three minutes to complete. The app takes you through a series of screenings selected by OPSM’s optometrists for Near Distance, Contrast Sensitivity, Distance Vision, Astigmatism and Colour Vision. The innovative app helps you gauge if you have an issue with any of these areas of your vision and allows you to book an eye test at your local OPSM store.

The new OPSM Eye Check App is available to download for free from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

For more information on OPSM services, visit your nearest OPSM store or www.opsm.com.au